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So many times we look into our closet and the anxiety just builds up. How can I own so many pieces of clothing, many with the tags still on, but still have nothing to wear?  It’s almost like getting dressed is a chore that you must endure everyday. You might even want to give up, or set your closet on fire and start over again, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


…because it’s not just about throwing it all away, nor is it not about hauling out thousands of dollars just to fill your closet back up again either! It’s about learning how to dress, how to productively shop, and how to do it all on your own.


  • Initial Style Consultation  (Price: $25  Currently offered complimentary – Approximate time: 30 minutes)
    • Before our journey begins we will sit and meet to discuss our plan-of-action. This will allow me to make a customized game plan for our next session (or we could start right away) and clarify how I can help you best. We will discuss topics such as: style goals (What do you want to feel when you are looking your best? What do you want to look like?), addressing areas for improvement, and overall what do we want to accomplish by the end of my service.
  • Personal Shopping Trip (Price: 2 hour minimum for $85 per hour  $60 per hour – Approximate time: Varies, however long you need! Note: Maximum 6 hours, because I will die of exhaustion from finding all those awesome clothes!)
    • Are you wandering in stores without purpose and leaving frustrated? Do you keep buying the same items over and over again? Do you look back on your purchases thinking – “Why the heck did I buy this?”
    • My goal is to teach and lead you through the basics of creating a new wardrobe from the basics. We will shop through stores that are curated to fit your personality and budget. I will be there to expertly push you to try on items you’ve never even considered.  With my advice and feedback, we will be sure to break your old habits!
  • Personal Shopper (Price: 2 hour minimum for $75 per hour $55 per hour – Approximate time: 2 – 3 hours per session)
    • Too busy to shop? Or just want me to take reins?
    • We will discuss (virtually or in-person) what type of outfit or item you are looking for – whether it be a new purse, a date outfit, etc. I will then go shopping either on-line and/or in-store to pick out and/or purchase the items for you. I will return any items you do not want to keep free of any extra charges!
  • Closet Therapy (Price: 2 hour minimum for $85 per hour $60 per hour – Approximate time: 2 – 3 hours per session) 
    • Does your closet look unchanged from the early 90’s, except for the fact that there is just way more stuff than you ever remembered buying? Do you own more then 3 pieces of clothes with the tags still attached? Do you just, straight up, not know what’s going on in there?
    • With this service I will edit piece-by-piece to discuss what it worth keeping versus what needs to go – as well as why. Don’t worry I’ll be there as encouragement to help you let go of that dress-you-wore-on-the-one-time-for-that-one-thing-but-haven’t-worn-since that you are so adamant on keeping, because I understand that it’s all about letting go – and I want to support you through that process. By doing all of this, we will hone in on the pieces you really need to be shopping for. For any items we decide to let go, I will use my experience in re-sale shops to decide what we can sell back and what needs to go to donation.
  • Closet Cleanse (Price: 2 hour minimum for $75 per hour $55 per hour – Approximate time: 2 – 3 hours per session)
    • For some of you, even thinking about looking in your closet gives you a headache. What you want is a fairy godmother to come in and just fix it. Well, here I am! I offer the same “Closet Therapy”, except you don’t have to be there. So grab a mimosa, go biking with your friends, or just do your 9-5 and come home to a perfectly organized sanctuary as well as my suggestions for your new wardrobe. As an option, we can discuss if you not willing to let anything go and you just want me to come in and organize – price varies!


  • The Ultimate Hands-On Experience (Price valued at $535 for only $450 $325) – For the girl who wants the total walk-through!
    • This combo includes: the Initial Style Consultation+ 3 hours for Personal Shopping Trip + 3 hours of Closet Therapy + a 4 outfits lookbook
    • You’ll get over six hours of one-on-one personal guidance, a custom 4 outfit lookbook, and a super clean closet full of clothing you actually want to wear.
  • The Luxury but Laid-Back Treatment (Price valued at $475  for only $400 $300) – For the girl who wants me to just get ‘er done!
    • This combo includes: the Initial Style Consultation+ 3 hours of me Personal Shopping + 3 hours of Closet Cleanse + a 4 outfits lookbook
    • You’ll get over six hours worth of services, a custom 4 outfit lookbook, and a super clean closet full of clothing you actually want to wear.


All of my services are focused on helping you learn more about creating a personal style as well as the basics of fashion. I don’t just want throw clothes on you and tell you what “all the cool kids are wearing right now” without getting to know you   and what you want to look like.

In addition, as a bonus present to you (because I love you so very very much), any service you decide on comes with a customized ‘lookbook’ of 4 outfits we’ve created along this journey! Yeah, that’s what’s up!

Yo, what is this extra bonus ‘lookbook’ you speak of? After working together we will have come up with tons of outfit ideas and you’ll be excited and ready to take on the world. However, once it’s just you and your closet, all excitement can seem to fly out the window. How do I style this top again? What do I wear on weekends? What was that cute thing she showed me with this belt?  I want to take all the guesswork out of the equation. So I will create a lookbook with 4 distinct “looks” that I’ve styled especially for you (down to the smallest details) to keep for reference. That way you can stay excited and ready to create new outfits of your own!

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” – Oscar de la Renta


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