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What I Learned: Met Ball 2015

It’s that special time of the year – kinda like Christmas for fashion lovers. We get to see our favorite celebrities from around the globe in one-of-a-kind garments created by the most genius designers. This year’s Met Ball, ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’, gave me hesitant pleasure because I hoped to see little cultural appropriation and I was pleasantly surprised. I will admit, some celebrities did not quite fit the theme (in my opinion), while others completely draped themselves in it. Here are my top five picks for best dressed at the Met Ball and what I learned about the trends I saw.

Fan Bing Bing wears Christopher Bu

Fan Bing Bing wears Christopher Bu

What to love: To Sum it all up simply, what I love about this outfit is everything. No seriously! She is dipped in gold sequin but instead of looking like a fierce Dream Girl she actually looks like she is a ray of golden sunshine swimming in a stained glass window…Maybe that’s a little overboard… What to learn: Green + gold does not always make you look like an A’s fan, it will however might make you look like Fan’s fan – which we all are anyways.  Also, keep hair and accessories (even nail polish will count as an accessory) minimal when wearing statement pieces.

Maggie Q wears Tory Burch

What to love: Maggie Q looks amazing in this bold side cut-out showing that sexy can be covered up (mostly). She keeps her look pristine with sleek hair, minimal jewelry, and dark toe nails. Maggie lets the outfit speak for itself – especially that amazing detail work! What to learn: White is a great dominant color that can even transcend into the colder seasons. Also, minimalist cuts plus beautiful detail work is something to invest in.

Sienna Miller wears Thakoon

What to love: Here is a celebrity who did not really follow this years theme and still looks absolutely amazing. Sienna’s look may scream ‘matador’, but it makes me scream ‘I need this!’ because I just love a sexy lady rockin’ some pants. What to learn: Sienna finishes her out fit with a pair of satin pumps. In these recent years, I have not seen too many satin pumps, especially in the rounded point. This outfit could have been styled with very thin ankle strap shoes, but instead it’s styled more classically and less trendy. Also, just like in Maggie’s outfit, the cuts of this garment are very minimal silhouettes packed   with details (ie Tina Turner beaded realness) which is something to look out for.

Zhu Zhu wears Stella McCartney

Zhu Zhu wears Stella McCartney

What to love: A simple black and white piece can easy fade into the background of tuxedo’d men, but Zhu’s dress fits her dress like it was made for her (well it was). What to learn: Instead of a classic black, white, and red all over – Zhu shows up to stay vampy with our lipstick for an evening look. As for everything else, keep it minimal.

Zoe Kravitz wears Alexander Wang

What to love: Zoe went with a very sleek dress compared to others who went more traditional ‘ballgown’ and looked gorgeous while doing it. Like a lot of the ladies on this list, Zoe’s dress has many conservative elements to it, but at the same time a bold sexiness. What to learn: Celebrate your body! Whatever asset you believe to be your best that day, show it off! Even if you feel like it’s the worst asset, show it off! Let confidence be your accessory. IF you’re don’t feel confident, don’t worry – many of us feel this way too. It doesn’t change the fact that you still are beautiful.

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  • Kathlyn Hart May 8 at 11:05 am

    Oh my god I love it! Can we go to thrift town and find these pieces?? Count me in let’s go!

  • Natalia Hurt May 9 at 2:21 am

    Loved having you break these down for me! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Beyonce’s dress…I wasn’t sure what to think. Fabulous or too much?

    • Alexa Alford May 11 at 2:58 pm

      Thank you so much! I personally loved Beyonce’s dress, but I’m also kinda like “What dress?”! It was really along the same lines as the one she wore in 2012 – very sheer and very dramatic. A lot of stars have worn these barely there dresses (for example Rihanna’s CFDA 2014 look), but at the same time they have amazing bodies and I am all for how they inspire many women to love their body, to not be afraid of it, not shame themselves, and celebrate it! One thing to learn from Beyonce’s Met Ball look is that when you wear a statement piece, do not overdo the (hair)do’ and keep the makeup neutral as well.