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These DIY Heels are Kind of Like Transformers…

Rarely do you get options for customization with a garment you buy in a store. It’s not like you can see a dress and expect it to have multiple tiers you can add or take off to change the length. While some stores offer these kinds of clothing, they usually are more multipurpose than cute. Ever seen those super recreational pants at REI that can cange into capris or shorts with just a few zippers? Not my style.

What about if you wanted to have your shirt change from yellow to basic clack with the snap of a finger? Yeah, you’re probably not going to find that anywhere -if you do, you should report the garment to the police because that is wizardry. However, you can have one shoe that can change each day. Confused yet? No worries, let me explain.



Last month, Italian designer Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, created a kickstarter for a revolutionary idea in heels – ones that were almost fully customizable. Her goal was to create a shoe that was versitile enough to wear for every occasion. The foundation of these shoes is either a black pump style or a tan sling back. The customizable pieces include the front platform piece and the heel. These pieces click on and off the foundation with a press of a hidden button. Kind of like a secret bookshelf, but wearable and more stylish.


Now let’s talk about these options because they are bountiful and also cool as all hell. Theses pieces (as you can see in the sample above) come two different heights but have the same comfortable arch no matter what. These styles are only the tip of the iceberg. Chiolo created a total of eight whole styles of shoes you can play with. Pictured below are styles ‘essence’, ‘trend’, and ‘elegance’. As long as the height matches, the options are completely interchangeable, so you can mix and match to your hearts content.


…And there are five more styles I didn’t even show. In total there are around 1,800 current  different combinations – gosh damn! These shoes will go for around $215 – which may seem steep to some until you think of how many possibilities you have. Now image, how many shoes do you have for different occasions? If only you could customize one pair slightly so they would work for anything… Hmmm maybe consider helping fund this kickstarter.

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  • Whitney V August 9 at 3:52 am

    What a cool idea, thanks for sharing! First time I’ve heard of this wow!


    • Alexa Alford August 10 at 2:14 pm

      No problem! It’s a pretty cool idea and the inventor is soooo stylish! Thank you for stopping by 🙂