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Fall has me feeling completely mad for plaid, and I’m not sure there is a cure. What’s making it worse is that 90’s is totally on trend and everyone is buying up the vintage plaid skirts – save some for me please! In today’s post I’m using my vintage plaid (thrift’d in Japan) to layer under a sleeveless dress, this way I can transition from summer to fall flawlessly.

While my Theory dress (similar here) is a bit voluminous on the bottom, I balanced the outfit by keeping my bottom half very fitted. This keep my silhouette from getting overwhelmed and plays to my proportions. While I could have belted this dress, I felt there were already more accessories than I’m used to in an outfit. rocking a bold lip is something I seldom do. This girl loves to eat and talk – lipstick does not really allow me to do that.

If you look close enough, you’ll see the gold chain I rocked in the last post – found here. Laying necklaces under your collar is one of the easiest ways to glam up a plaid oxford. This trend works better with statement pieces – like an oversize chain, big gems, large beads, etc. Other than the chain, I’m not wearing a lot of other accessories.

For those of you who are a little more low-key and don’t like to fuss with lots of accessories or don’t know how to wear them, my remedy to all this is invest in some pieces that can speak for themselves. For example a metallic knit doesn’t need much more shine, a printed top can substitute a necklace, or a gem-collared shirt already took place of any jewelry! I kind of depended on my Sam Edelman boots (similar here) to add gold to my outfit replacing a bracelet, earrings, or maybe a ring. Lastly I topped the outfit off with my edgy Vince leather jacket to keep the outfit from getting too girly.

How are you gonna rock a plaid this fall season? In a dress? Midi-length skirt? Tied around your waist? On your boots? I can’t wait to see!

…Oh what was that I hear? You want more K-POP plaid? No problem, I got you. Until next time!

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