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www.littlepinkmoto.com / Oaklandish

www.littlepinkmoto.com / Oaklandish www.littlepinkmoto.com / Oaklandish www.littlepinkmoto.com / Oaklandish

You want to know how dedicated I am to fashion? Well, this cardigan is 100% wool…I am 100% allergic to wool. Therefore, I am a mess – haha, please do not follow my example! Nothing, except maybe allergies or offending the mass public, should ever get in the way of you wearing what you like. Clothing is an expression to others about who we really are and should not be censored.


You’re telling me I have to wear this now…

The reason I’m saying all this is because I see so many women come in to the store that I work at saying “Oh well, I love this dress but is it not trendy enough?” etc. etc! Fashion has become so fast paced that companies themselves can even keep up! Fashion labels used to just have a few seasons (traditionally just four) a year where new merchandise would be available to the public. Nowadays stores like Forever 21 come out with inexpensive, low quality fashion with new designs weekly (or sometimes even more rapidly). People now go through their clothes because they want to keep up with the new trends. Oh it’s crop tops! No, now it’s super deep backless! Sheer is so overdone…I love sporty inspired…etc. Most people don’t mind that the quality is so low, because we’ve already moved on by the time the garment breaks. This forces companies (and major fashion houses) to keep churning out new garments faster than they can innovate genuine and thoughtful designs.


You like colors, but you are not the rainbow. Please don’t get it twisted. Thanks, you are amazing.

So my question is… Who cares about what’s necessarily “in” right now? There are always going to be new trends out there. What is important is to wear what you like – not what someone else tells you to like. For example, honestly speaking sneaker wedges are totally “out” right now. But you know what? I like these shoes! I love the buckles on them, they are super comfy, and I’m a big fan of studs. Ain’t nobody gonna tell me I can’t wear them!

My rule is, as long as you are truthfully expressing who your are, then you are doing the right thing. I think of What Not To Wear when women were like “This is me! I am the epitome of vintage/steam punk/pinup girl!” and Stacy or Clinton would be like, “No, that’s all a costume! We don’t see who you really are!” and at the end of the show the woman getting the makeover would be like, “You were right, I was hiding behind all of that. I’m vintage inspired-modern-love-my-body-lady-who-is-smart-hardworking-and-super-amazing”. Now that is a happy ending.

Cardigan: Comme Des Garcons (older style, not available- basic color here)

Shoes: Jefferey Campbell (older style, not available)

Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (can be found here)

Jeans: JBrand in the Maria cut (found here)

Shirt: Gap (plaid not available in stores –  similar style here)

Top: Thrift-ed from Crossroads Trading (similar style here)

Hat: Carhartt (can be found here)

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  • mahryska May 3 at 2:03 am

    thank you for passing by the blog sweetie!! love your outfit here 🙂
    kisses from dubai ♥

    • Alexa Alford May 5 at 12:39 pm

      Of course! Thank you so much for checking out my blog 🙂

  • Joana May 5 at 1:34 am

    Amazing look! I love especially your Sneakers!

    ♥ Joana

    • Alexa Alford May 5 at 12:55 pm

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate it 🙂