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May the Force Be with You(r Face?)

When I think of Star Wars looks, I associate my personal style with a little Wookie and a little Ewok – messy, hairy, oddly cute? However that’s probably not what American cosmetics brand Cover Girl is thinking about. Nah, they are think a lot more sleek, colorful, and futuristic.


Apparently these were not looks they were going for…but I’ma still rock them.

Set to be released in December, us Star Wars die-hards are desperately waiting for the new movie; however makeup fans don’t have to wait as long. On September 4th, Cover Girl will release their limited edition 19 piece collection which asks the most basic question – Are you on the Dark side or the Light?

For the ad-campaign, revolutionary make-up artist Pat McGrath brought these concepts to life by creating droid chic and alluring Storm Trooper style. Which, by the way sounds really weird, but is beyond breath-takingly beautiful and remarkably creative.



So far, this collection includes 10 mascaras, 6 lipsticks, and 3 nail polishes. While the packaging is not in light-saber form, the colors are fantastic and stays very true to the Star Wars franchise.

For example, all of the mascaras have different iconic quotes from the films that both casual and hardcore fans can both relate to. While the nail polishes and lipsticks have more generic names like ‘lilac’, ‘silver’, ‘nude’, (well, one polish is named ‘nemesis’ which is pretty cool…) – they all are colors you would actually see in the movie.littlepinkmoto-star-wars-covergirl-collaboration-mascara

In general, it is almost like the geek and the beauty unite, because in reality aren’t a lot of people are both? Let me know what you guys think of this collaboration and (of course) tell me…

Which side are you on?


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