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Madeline Stuart is the Beautiful Model with Down’s Syndrome


Model with Down's Syndrome Breaks Barriers –

In a world where everyone says you can’t,   Madeline Stuart is letting everyone know that she can.

Madeline Stuart is a gorgeous 18 year old model from Brisbane, Australia who just happens to have Down’s Syndrome.  But don’t think she’s suffering, oh no my friend. This past May, Madeline made her official debut in a Manifesta ad campaign. Since then, she has also picked up contracts with MODA, EverMaya, and GlossiGirl to name a few (but more about this later).

Madeline’s goal is to “change the way people discriminate against disability” and says that her own disability is a blessing – so don’t feel sorry for her because Madeline isn’t insecure about anything. While of course every modeling contract is exciting, in this case the whole world got to celebrate the huge strides made in fashion.

Model with Down's Syndrome Breaks Barriers –

For her first big break, Madeline became a beautiful model for the brand, Manifesta. The company had her confidently model their ‘Oh my Quad’ leggings and a simple tank. Both Manifesta and Madeline strongly support body positivity. Unlike other brands, Manifesta does not use the traditional numeric sizing system (size 0-24 or xs-xxl) instead each size is named after a flower – ie “Rose, Poppy, Dahlia, etc.

Model with Down's Syndrome Breaks Barriers –

Also, it’s not really a big deal or anything… she’s has a bag named after her!

Philanthropic accessories brand, everMaya, is dedicated to making beautiful items that also support an amazing cause. For every purchase made, a portion is donated to Education for the Children – a charity that supports primary and secondary schools in Guatemala.

The company has made headlines in People, Popsugar, Today, and Huffington Style  for signing on Madeline to become one of the faces of the company. So much so, that on the 15th of August the company released a bag in her honor that will instead benefit 5% of the proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Society.  You can buy the collection of beautiful handmade bags here.

Want to see this girl in action? She also has her own Buzzfeed video where she models different Disney heroine hairstyles.

Oh yeah, one last thing…did I mention, she also the face of cosmetics brand GlossiGirl? Yeah, pretty safe to say Madeline is here to stay and here to slay. Make sure to visit her instagram and to get up-to-date news on this beauty and ll of her wonderful achievements. You go girl!


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  • Laura Kat August 13 at 2:13 pm

    Wow, the tank/leggings photo is my favorite. Killin’ it!

    • Alexa Alford August 13 at 4:27 pm

      I totally agree! Just looking at that picture makes me smile – it’s contagious!