How To Wear A Maxi Dress -Festival/Boho Style


Maxi dresses are a girl’s best friend. Honestly, I think boy’s wish they could be their best friend too (though most are not daring enough). Maxi dresses give you the breezy feeling of a dress, without the worry of “Is my butt hanging out?” or “Do I really need to shave my legs – I’ve got a really impressive amount of length going on down here…” They also are the number one choice to looking super put-together when you go to a buffet and  you don’t have to be uncomfortable after having three servings of mashed potatoes.

However, the best thing is that they are relatively the easiest outfit because they are your top and your bottom. The only final question is – how do I make the maxi dress work for me and my style? No worries, I got you covered! (See what I did there…I got you covered…because like…a maxi dress really covers you up…heh…ok…)

Here is part two of the How To Wear A Maxi Dress series, which is what I like to call the “festival (or boho) style”. This style is perfect for a free-spirited girl. Warning: temporary tattoos not included with purchase.

Make sure to check the whole series of how to style a maxi dress! “How To Style A Maxi: Sweet Style” & “How To Style A Maxi: Tomboy Style“.

 festival-maxi-print-coachellaMaxi Dress in a “Festival/Boho Style”

So you know what the first thing I think of when I think festival? It’s not music, it’s not instagramming with friends…no, what I think about is heat! So when choosing a jacket for this style, there are two options: kimono or vest. These will be sure to add to your outfit without adding too much weight.

Kimonos are a great option because they are light, dramatic, and very romantic looking. Most of the time kimonos come with prints and I’d say embrace it! Mixing prints can definitely be tricky, but remember to either stay in the same dominant color or do the exact opposite and explore wearing a contrasting color. (Example of contrasting colors that work well: blue/orange etc.)

Another great option is a suede vest – the fringe’ier the better. (That’s probably not a word…) This is basically the only way to channel your ‘summer of love’  vibe.

Now for the most important section, -drum roll please- the accessories! Unlike in the previous guide, “How To Style A Maxi: Sweet Style“, the boho girl is in love with accessories. This is where you get to have lots of fun and express your creativity.


Step one, stack every bracelet you own (extra points if you already have on a few friendship bracelets) and layer a few necklaces. While your bracelet’s can be every color that was ever created, I would stick to either gold or silver for your necklace, or if you’re like me you’ll be rocking the rose gold because you’re fancy like that. Sticking to these very basic colors will keep your look from taking a left hand turn into Crazyville and keep you going straight to Coachellatown.

Sunglasses are the most major statement piece of your whole outfit. A good rule of thumb is the bigger and rounder – the better. However, I would completely recommend playing around with other unique shapes.

Your outfit will not be complete without a big floppy hat. This baby is gonna keep the summer sun out of your eyes while looking amazing. It’s basically an overall perfect multitask-er.

Lastly, no festival going girl is going anywhere without carrying a comfy bag, I would suggest a backpack. (No oversize Jansport please. No rollie backpacks either!) This keeps with the easy-going vibe and is totally practical.

Throw on a pair of sandals and you’re set to go! Even more  points if you’re wearing thigh-high gladiators and a very hi-slit maxi. That’s a win.

littlepinkmoto-festival-maxi-dress-print littlepinkmoto-festival-fringe-suede-vest-boho


littlepinkmoto-wide-brim-hat-floppy-black littlepinkmoto-black-faux-leather-backpack

Dress: Urban Outfitters, $98.00; Vest: Forever 21, $44.90; Necklace: H&M, $34.95; Sunglasses: Spitfire (sold on Nasty Gal), $40.00; Hat: Forever 21, $17.90; and Backpack: Target, $34.99

-cover image via, fullbody shot via, & accessories image via

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