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Fall Things Considered

So you’re really looking forward to Fall, huh? Before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, I have a few things to consider when shopping…

1. Think classy. No I don’t mean you can’t get your leather shorts on! Or your knit crop! (Because I’m also super excited to buy these trends. Kekeke.) What I mean is consider buying some classic pieces as well. Do you only want this piece to last you until the end of Fall? Well that might not be the best investment. Classic styles equal never goes out of style. The more classic, the longer it will last you. The great thing about them is that they are easy pieces to transition from one season to another. Spring, Summer, Fall…It don’t matter girlfriend! I’m wearing it!

Examples of class styles are Straight-Leg Jean, Straight-Leg Trouser, Wrap Dress, Black Blazer, Simple Heel, Basic No-Graphic Tee-Shirt, and No-Too-Fitted-and-Not-Too-Slouchy Cardigan. If you want to go even further and have absolute staples in your wardrobe, keep the colors neutral – black, white, gray, tan, and navy.

2. Get quality knits. Basically, how fast is that gonna pill up? Know know those little balls of fuzzy on your sweater under your arms or tummy? Yeah, they aren’t cute. My rule is if you’re gonna get a knit – spend the money on one that will last you. If you bought it for $40 or less, chances are it’s gonna pill up. Look for wool, cotton, cashmere, etc – try avoid the synthetics.

I will treat your future children with care, I promise.

I will treat your future children with care, I promise.

3. Think about leather. If you are not vegan, invest in leather boots. Synthetic boots tend to peel away after about three or so uses. You want these boots to last you the next few Fall’s. Either spend $40 about ten times because you have to replace your boots, or spend $300 on a pair you can give to your grandchildren (they last that long, believe me.)

4. Do you really need those booties? Guilty. I’m so guilty. I ask myself this all the time but the answer is “Yeah, I got seven pairs and I’m OK with that.” What I’m trying to say is, next time you pick up that pair of boots ask yourself, “How similar is this to that other pair I have?” Oh, wait, you’re asking me? Actually my seven pairs are all different, thank you very much and asking myself this question has stopped me from having around 30 pairs. (I’m not joking.)


Dude, I freakin’ love this fuzzy sweater. Let me whisper in ya ear about it.

5. Do you love it, do you really love it? A lot of times when we go out to shop, we buy a lot and there tends to be items we were on-the-fence about. While I’m all for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, I would suggest thinking of it this way…”If it was hanging next to my favorite (blank) would I pick it out instead?” If the answer is no, it might not deserve a spot in your closet. Take risks on an item or two and see how you feel – but please don’t go overboard. Do you really love it?

I know going to fast-fashion stores (H&M, Forever21, etc.) can be tempting, and we don’t all have millions to spend on the most luxury knits and boots, but these are just a few things to consider that will make your purchases investments instead of just clothing. It’s all about quality, not quantity.www.littlepinkmoto.com / Fall Things Considered

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