Distressed Denim 101

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You’re seeing them everywhere. They’re at Forever 21. They’re in Urban Outfitters. They’re online looking you in the eyeball on Nasty Gal. They’re on the school yard, adorned by the trendiest middle-schoolers you’ve ever seen. But where they’re not, is on your body. Distressed denim. How do you style these bad boys? Actually, the answer is way more simple than you would think. Here I will show you how to style both distressed denim and distressed jean jackets.

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Distressed Denim

These are pretty much officially the ‘cool girl jean’ and let’s face it, we all are pretty freaking cool. The best thing about these jeans isn’t just  that they instantly make you look chic, edgy, and trendy – no the best thing is they are easy as hell  to wear.

While they can literally be styled a million ways (for every season might I add), the easiest is to pair it with a basic t-shirt – stripes, solid color, or a graphic tee work perfectly. For the best results,  keep in mind ‘proportion’. For example: If your jeans are tight skinny jeans, try pairing them with a loose t-shirt. A loose boyfriend style can totally be worn with a loose shirt as well, however consider wearing a heeled shoe to give yourself height. If you don’t, you’ll tend to look overwhelmed in your clothing. My suggestion as always is to play around with different options.

littlepinkmoto-distressed-denim-black-skinny-jean littlepinkmoto-stripe-tshirt-oversize-basic
Try this look…jeans by Gap for $69.95 and top by Madewell for $45.00

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Distressed Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are for girls like me, we need denim in every outfit. On a serious note, light-washed denim is a complete essential for summertime. Just like distressed jeans, they are super easy to style and throw on. There are pretty much no limits for what to pair it with as far as dresses. That being said, please don’t wear one over your prom dress when you go out to get some coffee with a friend.

For the best results,  keep in mind balance. For example, a flowy dress pairs well in a shorter length. If you want to wear your denim jacket with a maxi, maintain a sense of structure by wearing a sleek braid or bun. As for a tighter fitting dress, the world is your oyster – denim jackets go well with almost any of theses.

littlepinkmoto-oversize-denim-jacket-distressed littlepinkmoto-floral-print-dress
Try this look…jean jacket by Forever21 for $29.90 and dress by Urban Outfitters for $69.00

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