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Converse Gives the Classic Chuck Taylor its First Makeover Ever!

Converse Gets Its First Makeover In Over 90 Years –

We all deserve make-overs every few years – even classic ‘chuck’s…well in their case every 98 years.

I got my first pair in six grade – my first year of middle school. This was my transition into picking out my own clothes instead of letting my parents do it for me. I’m big kid now!   (Wasn’t that the Pull-Up’s tune?) It’s been twelve years since I first stepped foot in those black high-tops – that’s half my life! They are covered in doodles, they have purple Ursula laces (I was in a Hot Topic phase), and still fit me. Since then, I’ve owned four pairs, but that doesn’t sound like a lot right? That’s kind of just how long ‘chuck’s last. Even when they have holes and the grommets have ripped off, it only adds to their style and character.

The chuck is just too classic. It hasn’t gone out of style since I started wearing them, and most definitely were stylish before then. The design hasn’t changed since it’s debut in 1917. Damn.  Well, that’s all about the change. Sort of.

Converse Gets Its First Makeover In Over 90 Years –

This Tuesday, July 28th, marks the release of the newly designed Converse Chuck Taylor II and they look…!!!…exactly the same. Confused yet? Let me give you a little background…

Converse was debut in 1917 and was ‘the’   shoe for basketball players from the 20’s-70’s. By the late 90’s, the were worn my musicians, athletes, artists, and middle-school me. However, the 90’s was a time of bankruptcy for the brand, until they were bought by Nike in 2003. Which is strange, because they look nothing like Nike’s…right? That’s the idea. Nike has virtually left the design untouched. The only Nike ‘touch’ is that we are still able to own Chuck Taylors. The shoe is now extremely profitable again – something like two pairs sold a second. Damn,  again.

Converse Gets Its First Makeover In Over 90 Years –

So if we are saying the shoe is redesigned, but there is no appearance difference…What are we saying?! It’s true the outside is pretty much identical to it’s classic look (hey, the ‘All Star” patch is now embroidered on…), but I said nothing about the inside.

Let’s brainstorm, what are things we are unhappy with when we wear our awesome ‘chuck’s? I don’t know about you guys, but I had to put an insert in mine because there is no arch support. Check. Nike’s got a fix for that. Also, my tongue always gets twisted, and I try really hard to straighten it out…but that sucker is not permanently folded like a fan. Check. Nike’s got that covered too. My last complaint is overall comfort. They’re pretty   comfortable, but definitely shoes you have to break in. I don’t even have to say it, Nike’s got it.

Converse Gets Its First Makeover In Over 90 Years –

Nike has introduced all of it’s changes to the inside of the iconic sneaker. As for the insole, Nike has used their Lunarlon sole which is used in their other shoes.  Their tongue has a more cushioned perforated suede material which is not only non-slip but helps with breath-ability – and in shoes you know that’s something we all need. With these bad boys only retailing around $15 more, do you think you’ll be switching over?

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  • Gil Zetbase July 30 at 8:29 pm

    Stunning look!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  • Michèle July 31 at 12:03 am

    I already have it and love how comfortable it is.

    • Alexa Alford July 31 at 1:19 pm

      Oh that’s so awesome! What color did you get?