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CEO Enlists Rocket Scientist to Re-Design the Stiletto

Earlier this week I wrote an article called 3 Flat Shoes That Are Stepping Their Game Up because recently women have been embracing the shorter and more comfortable options in life. This is a common trend in fashion, whatever is in eventually will go out. One year it’s sky high platforms and razor-like stilettos, the next year everyone is wearing Birkenstocks – and that’s not to say everyone  wears one or the other.

There are two basic reasons this happens. The first is that we get bored of wearing the same thing all the time. The other (which is highlighted more in this article and video above) is that us women have to balance out killing our feet. After a whole year wearing mostly high heels, our body’s are like “Gimme that comfort!”.

Dolly Singh is very different from the general population.  Instead of most of us, choosing to wear more comfortable options for awhile and then switching back the next year, Singh stays true to her love for heels! She is the founder and CEO of Thesis Couture, a fashion-technology company she created to reinvent the stiletto. This team is like no other, in the fact that it consists of many talented members including an astronaut, orthopedic surgeon, fashion scientist, and rocket scientist.

This company took a look at the basic material used as the foundation to this iconic style of heel – metal. That’s right ladies, metal. This outdated practice was first used centuries ago and has never changed since. Instead, her company uses advanced polymers, which sounds like heels are finally making their way in the 21st century.

Elite Daily reports that these heels “should be available in limited quantities this coming autumn, will run you a hefty $925” but within five years, Singh hopes to redesign how all high heels are constructed.


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