About Me

littlepinkmoto-Dear-ReaderMy full name is Alexa Lee Alford and I am half Chinese (thanks to my momma) and half white. I am born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay. I have a dog named Mei-Mei and she is basically the carbon copy of me – lazy, sassy, and cute.

I have worked over eight years in the fashion industry with a few amazing companies such as Gap and Crossroads Trading Company. While I started out as a visual merchandiser, I have spent most of those eight years as a personal stylist. Within the past three years I also added ‘inside buyer’ to my titles – meaning I would buy merchandise from the public to curate a large selection of goods while keeping in mind the customer’s tastes and balancing sales. I was working as a Senior Inside Buyer, Buying Trainer, and Assistant Manager for Crossroads Trading Co. until April 23rd of 2015 when I decided to quit my job and fully commit myself to running this site.


Yo. Nice pose shawty.

I began this website as a challenge to take pictures of myself and spread the message that confidence is beauty. Now, I’d love to say I’ve always been a fashionista…(I mean look at me in that red dress. Girl you betta werq!)…but honestly, I didn’t really get into fashion until I started to seek acceptance from myself.  So what do I mean by that exactly? Well, before I get into that, I think it’s appropriate I give you just a little background. Warning! I am gonna get pretty personal here. While things may seem dark, there is always light at the end.

Hello, my name is Mei-Mei and I will own you.

Hello, my name is Mei-Mei and I will own you.

I deeply suffered, and still continue to struggle daily, with body image and confidence. Although I didn’t get diagnosed with major depression until my freshman year of college, the real start of my disease was sometime around 7th grade. All of this stemmed from feeling different and never fitting in with my peers.

Then the one summer going into high school, I remember cutting my hair and dyeing it black for the first time. Next thing I did was I took a trip to Old Navy and Target. I picked out my own clothes and I thought really hard about each and every one of them. I probably tried on a million pieces. Then, I looked in magazines and at celebrities for inspiration. What did I like? What made me think, “Oh my god, I really I wish I looked like her.” This was also my first time shopping in adult sections, because there wasn’t really a huge Forever 21 or H&M for teens like there is now, so I felt like I was making a really big step.

When the first week a of school came around, I was so excited and proud of how I looked. That’s when the weirdest thing happened to me. My ‘friends’ who I never felt close to, had a short (but sweet) urge to want  to hang around me. At the time, I was so confused and I couldn’t stop thinking, “Do they want something from me?” and “Is this a prank?”. It took me years to understand that they were attracted to my confidence, my creativity, and to put it simply, I had a shine to me.

You can’t all of the sudden love your awkwardness, but you can all of the sudden be like “This dress fits me perfectly!” or “I never knew my legs could look so long!”.

This was a great talk, we should totally get dinner together. I feel like we are soul-mates.

This was a great talk, we should totally get dinner together. I feel like we are soul-mates.

Feeling good about yourself invites others to feel good around you and to feel good things about you. Some people think that fashion and looking good is superficial and in some ways that statement is totally right. Looking your best can be so simple. You do not have to change your whole personality to look smoking hot in a maxi dress, but the best part about this whole thing is – the better you feel about how you  are presenting yourself to the world, the more confident you become. You will shine, and it only becomes natural to begin to love yourself. How can you not?

That is my hope for this website. I want to inspire women to love their body, their personality, their genuine self by giving them the tools of styling & helping them become a true fashionista (you know all the latest fashion news and trends).With all that said, I hope I can spread a little of my love and passion to help you to take a risk or try something new.

Make sure to check out “From Mid-Teens To Mid-Twenties, A True Story“, where you can hear the bad, the really ugly, and the (finally) good on how I accepted the person who I’ve become with out judgement on others or myself.