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40 Summer Dresses & Rompers for $50 and Under

Summer weather is just around the corner and you’re pretty much just anticipating all the texts from your friends that are inviting you to the beach. Or maybe you’re like me, looking forward to getting some refreshing ice-cream during that mid-day heat wave. Either way, you’re not going to want to spend a lot time planning out your outfit and you definitely don’t wanna squeeze into some tight jeans.

So what’s low-key, super stylish, easy to wear, and not very constricting? If you answered big ol’ oversize t shirt, you’re only kind of there…I’ve rounded up the top choices for the best all-summer-long, grab-and-go, throw-in-a-backpack  dresses all either at or under $50 a piece from your favorite retailers such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Forever 21, Missguided, and H&M.


Left: (Urban Outfitters) Honey Punch Knot-Front T-Shirt Dress, $49.00

Right: (Urban Outfitters) Ecote Carlin Romper, $39.99

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_12 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_11

Left: (Urban Outfitters) TMD Dropped Arm-Hole Sleeveless Midi Dress, $49.99

Right: (Urban Outfitters) Ecote Gauzy Tie-Back Crochet-Trim Romper, $49.99

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_13 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_14

Left: (Urban Outfitters) Cooperative Honey Romper, $49.99

Right: (Urban Outfitters) Silence+Noise Witchy T-Shirt Dress, $49.99

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_17 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_16

Left: (Urban Outfitters) Silence+Noise Cut-Out Front Bodycon Midi Dress, $49.99

Right: (Urban Outfitters) Band Of Gypsies Gauze Midi Shirt Dress, $29.99

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_18  littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_19

Left: (Urban Outfitters) Kimchi Blue Floral Pleat Shirt Dress, $49.99

Right: ASOS Shift Dress in Paisley Print, $45.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_21 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_22

Left: ASOS Fringe Tank Dress in Floral Festival Print, $50.00

Right: (ASOS) Glamorous Cami Skater Dress with Lace Insert Skirt, $50.00


Left: ASOS Cami Pom Pom Sundress, $50.00

Right: (ASOS) First& I Maxi Split Front Maxi Top, $50.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_09 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_38

Left: (ASOS) Glamorous Fit and Flare Skater Dress in Vintage Floral Print, $40.00

Right: (ASOS) Warehouse Stripe Swing Dress, $46.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_40 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_39

Left: (ASOS) New Look Denim Shirt Dress, $40.00

Right: ASOS Shift Dress in Abstract Print, $45.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_36 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_37

Left: Forever 21 Button Crepe Shirt Dress, $24.90

Right: Forever 21 Abstract Micro Print Dress, $22.90


Left: Forever 21 Daisy Print, $19.90

Right: Forever 21 Buttoned Floral Maxi, $24.90


Left: Forever 21 Crochet Shift Dress, $32.90

Right: Forever 21 Bleached Ladder-Back Dress, $19.90

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_05 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_06

Left: Forever 21 Glammed Up Shift Dress, $29.90

Right: Forever 21 Ditsy Floral Print Dress, $15.90


Left: Forever 21 Kaleidoscopic Print Babydoll Dress, $15.90

Right: Forever 21 Perforated Yoke Shirt Dress, $24.90


Left: Missguided Halter Bodycon Mini Dress Purple Tie Dye Space Print, $24.00

Right: Missguided Ugh As If Dress Monochrome Stripe, $40.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_27 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_26

Left: Missguided High Neck Swing Dress Pink Floral, $50.00

Right: Missguided Strappy Swing Dress Cream/Blue Tie Dye, $36.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_29 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_28

Left: Missguided Sharice Daisy Print Shirt Swing Dress, $36.00

Right: Missguided Allyn Daisy Waistband Skater Dress, $30.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_31 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_30

Left: Missguided Curve Hem Rib Detail Nude Leaf, $50.00

Right: Missguided Merita Shirt Detail Checked Shift Dress Monochrome, $29.98

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_25 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_33

Left: Missguided Orlina Lime Scallop Layered Mini Dress, $36.00

Right: Missguided Crepe Shift Shirt Dress Monochrome, $30.00

littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_34 littlepinkmoto_25_dresses_under_50_35

Left: H&M Sleeveless Jersey Dress, $34.95

Right: H&M Jumpsuit with Lace, $49.95

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